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These are the most popular add-ons. If you do not see what you need listed, feel free to contact us.

Odor Removal | Paint Sealant | Headlight Polish | Cigarette Burn Repair | Carpet Dye | Tint and Graphic Removal | Painting | Buff and Polish

  • Odor removal
    We have a few methods for removing odor. If you have an odor issue in your vehicle the very first option would be to consider a complete detail. In most cases the odor will be eliminated from this complete detail. In cases of smoke odors or other heavy odors then we will take the next step with an ozone machine to kill the odor. Following an ozone treatment it may take some time to completely eliminate this odor. In some cases it may not be 100% effective. We will use our best judgement to determine this next step, and if you are not satisfied we may to to jump ahead to an odor bomb. This along with removing the seats and carpets will be your last hope at removing the odor.

  • Paint sealants
    Paint Sealants work much the same as wax except it will last much longer. It is stronger with better durability to hold up against weather and everyday driving conditions. Many times paint sealants are offered to you when you first buy a brand new car but it is not just for new cars. It can be applied to used cars aswell. This will require an exterior detail prior to application because the paint surface must be very clean.
    **We also offer Opti-Coat Clear Coating for our strongest overall protection.
    Opti-Coat 2.0 is a hard wearing, ceramic clear coating that provides superior scratch resistance and permanent protection for all factory paints and exterior surfaces. Opti-Coat is not a paint protection wax or sealant that will wash away, or break down over time. Opti-coat bonds permanently with the factory coating, protecting the surface indefinitely and will not delaminate. Opti-Coat is the ultimate Protection For All Exterior Surfaces including Wheels.
    A single layer of Optimum Clear Coating measures approximately 2 microns in thickness. When compared to other paint protection products, Opti-Coat is more than 100 times thicker, with tests showing a wax coating measuring less than 0.02 microns. This allows Opti-Coat to effectively absorb damage that would otherwise affect the factory paint layers. Swirl marks and light surface scratches are not only decreased by the harder Optimum ceramic coating, but the factory paint is protected and preserved.
    Opti-Coat is completely resistant to acidic environmental substances such as bird droppings and tree sap. Unlike your factory clear coat painted surfaces that can be permanently damaged, Opti-Coat 2.0 will not etch or dissolve when in contact with these substances, and a clean, glossy clear coating is maintained. Opti-Coat will provide the vehicle with a superior clear coat film, that is resistant to chemical etching, harder than factory clear coatings to reduce swirls and scratches, and a permanent hydrophobic surface that is easier to clean, and stays cleaner for longer!

  • Headlight polish
    Don't be fooled by cheap DIY methods, they do not work. They will appear to look ok in some cases but will only last about 1-3 months and in many cases look worse then they did previous. We use a completely different method and only use the most professional techniuqes at our disposal.
    Headlight restoration not only brings back the look of the vehicle and increases value, it is safer for night time driving. Not only can you expect top quality headlight resoration we can also replace your bulb if equiped with non sealed headlights. You only pay for the price of the bulb and we will do this at no additional cost.

  • Cigarette burn repair
    In vehicles the carpets and velour seats burn very easily with dropped cigarettes. We are able to repair these damaged areas and return the area to an acceptable finish. In many cases as if it was never there. Most people will never know a repair was made. This is a great technique for someone planning to sell a vehicle or reburbish their present vehicle.

  • Carpet dye
    Unlike other carpet dyeing processes, we use a true carpet dye. We use the same dyes the carpet mills use to provide a permanent, non-fade color. This gives the carpet a soft and plush like new feel and look. These dyes are NOT intended to change the color of the carpet to a different color. They are intended to "refresh" the present color and make the carpets look newer!! Great product for faded and old looking carpets and carpeted mats.
    All dyes have been blended to meet the 17 most common automotive carpet colors used by auto manufacturers worldwide. There is no problem with overspray the dye will not stick to vinyl, leather or plastic.
    This dye is great for carpeting or carpeted mats that have lost their true color and needs rejuvinated or are too bady faded. First we will clean the carpet to remove soil and stains. Also, neutralize bleach stains with Bleach Stain Neutralizer.

  • Tint and sticker removal
    If it is needed, we are able to remove poor window tint jobs and graphics. Sometimes you want to just change the look of your vehicle or you need to abide by current state laws with window tint. These tint laws can be viewed HERE
    If you are interested in placing new tint or graphics after the removal Click Here for more information.

  • Paint Hitches and Step Bars
    Hitches and step bars can become chipped and rusty overtime because they are so close to the ground and take a lot of abuse.
    We are able to touch up these components onyour vehicle. We can also touch up the flat black or semi gloss trim on the vehicle that has chipped off. We will prep and repaint anything that is needed.

  • Trim Restoration
    We use the best car trim restorer on the market, it will restore faded black & gray plastic and vinyl trim. We restore plastic mirror housings, wheel flairs, bumper trim, body side moldings, wind dams, tailgate handles, bed liners, plastic rocker panels, golf cart trim, virtually any exterior plastic or vinyl trim that has a grainy finish to it.
    This product is not a “dressing” but an actual dye that will not wash off and should last 1-2 years easily without having to reapply.
    Unlike those thinner water-based products that are applied like shoe polish, our products are thicker and don't require multiple applications. It is a permanent dye. It is not a silicone cover-up. Only found at professional detail shops like Oldenkamp Detail.

  • Buff and Polish
    Buffing is a skill that can be challenging with lack of knowledge. It requires the right techinque, speed of buffer, correct compounds, which grade pad to use and so on...
    We will first clay polish every vehicle we work on. We then asses the severity of the paint condition. In some cases you may have swirls from other poor buff jobs that are only visible in the right light. We will take 3 or more steps for paint correction. Our final step is a paint sealant or opti-coat ceramic coating.
    We also offer wet sanding for scratch removal, heavy oxidation removal, swirl removal, and other types of paint correction...

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Most Popular Questions

Q: How long does the complete detail take?
A: In most cases the detail will be completed the same day as we schedule. Some add-on services will require an overnight stay with us. This will be determined upon scheduling.

Q: Can we just do interior or exterior detail?
A: The complete detail can be split between interior or exterior only and any of the add-on services can be added or completed individually. *Note - Some add-on services such as buff and polishes and paint sealants will require us to complete an exterior detail.

Q: How long does the refurbish detail take?
A: This will vary by situation, but in most cases we will need the car around 2-4 days. Many steps that we complete will require dry times between steps.

Q: Do you accept credit cards?
A: Yes, we accept most major credit cards.

Q: What is the price?
A: Considering we have many different services and options the prices found in our online pricing and quote system are general estimates. Click Here For Prices. If you would like more accurate pricing we will need to see the vehicle. This can be completed at any location for quote or at the drop off time scheduled.


All of our professional detailing services are guaranteed quality, if you are not satisfied we will take your car back into the shop and do it over until you are satisifed. We will do everything within our capabilities to meet your needs, you do need to understand that some cases of wear on vehicles do not allow for perfect reconditioning. We try to cover this before the detail so you know what to expect but in many cases we do not see the vehicle before hand. If you have concerns please bring the vehicle in for a quote or mention this when calling in.

Oldenkamp Detail

Our business has evolved to what it is today because we always continue to learn new methods and continue to grow as detailers and we do what works. We have many years of experience and we have detailed thousands of vehicles since 2006.

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