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Implement Detailing

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Implement Detailing

More than a detail job!

We offer full service detailing for all forms of Ag and construction implements. We work on everything; Combines, tractors, wheel loaders, grain carts, skid steers, sprayers, trucks, and More...

Our implement detailing service is a custom service. We do have standard pricing for our services, however, we customize the price based on your needs. Our complete cab detail will run around $100 for most units including combines and tractors. We will scrub the cab from top to bottom and make it look next to new. Everything else will be determined on the complexity, size, and condition. Just like with autos, we can wash, wax, polish, buff, and so on. We will give an in-depth wash including the engine compartment, grain bins, and everything inside and out. It is important to have to your implements clean and maintained.

An additional service we offer for implements is paint touch up. We will color match and paint the frame, wheels, and components. Some of our customers prefer just a quick touch up to give a nice clean look. Others prefer an extensive repaint because they plan to sell or trade in the unit to increase the value. Most dealers will do this work when they trade in the unit but, our prices are cheaper compared to their shop rates so they will give you top dollar for your clean unit. Some units will bring upwards of $1500 or more of increased value.

We offer these services at any of our locations and the average time needed is two days. We understand that moving this equipment may be difficult at greater distances. We are located near Ziegler Cat, Sheldon Power Equipment, and O'Brien county implement in Sheldon, and Icon Ag and Titan Machinery in LeMars. You can use this to your advantage, if you have your unit for services at one of these locations we can work with them to take delivery of your unit by them or yourself. This will save you a trip and extra expenses moving these units. We are also willing to travel to your location with a mobile setup, but we do prefer in-house services.

You can contact us or drop off your unit at any time without notice and we will put you in the schedule as soon as possible.

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Complete Detail

*Most Popular


  • Vacuum
  • Clean door jambs
  • Clean and organize trunk
  • Clean and dress vents
  • Clean and protect dash
  • Clean under seat
  • Clean and dress all plastic and vinyls
  • Shampoo Seat and Carpets
  • Clean headliner
  • Interior Windows
  • More...
  • Exterior

  • Hand wash
  • Remove tar and road film
  • Clean and dress tires and wheel wells
  • Clean and light polish rims
  • Clay polish
  • Apply Wax
  • Exterior windows
  • Engine compartment clean and dress

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ADD-ON Services

Add-ons for the complete detail or individual service

  • Odor removal
  • Paint sealants
  • Headlight polish
  • Cigarette burn repair
  • Carpet dye
  • Attach emblems
  • Small Repairs
  • Paint Hitches and Step Bars
  • Tint removal
  • Sticker removal
  • Trim Restoration
  • 1 stage light polish
  • 2 state buff and polish to remove oxidation and medium scratches
  • 3 stage buff and polish to remove heavy sratches

Refurbish Detail

Our refurbish detail is very extensive and is quoted based on needs of the vehicle with Add-On services.

  • Complete Detail
  • Specified Add On Services
  • Remove seats
  • Remove carpets (When needed)
  • Remove door seals
  • Minor repairs

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