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General Policies

By conducting business with us you agree to our terms and conditions. Terms "us" "we" "our" referrs to JVBO, LLC DBA Oldenkamp Detail. Terms "you" "user" "customer" "client" referrs to the end user of our products and or services.

  1. Customers on Premise: For insurance reasons we cannot allow customers to wait in the shop for work to be completed. The only exception to this is during smart start installations because of state requirements and training.
    We also do not like to have customers waiting because this tends to slow down our work flow. In many cases we need to work on projects in intervals to meet the scheduling of the day. If we have a customer waiting then we feel obligated to complete the project to fast and the qaulity might suffer and we miss other obligations we have promised to other customers. In most cases we meet the deadlines requested by our customers if the vehicle is needed by a certain time.
    We understand that many customers come from other towns to have work completed, but please make arragnements to meet our policies.
  2. Payments: Payments for services paid in full to Oldenkamp Detail are required as soon as the job is completed. We only make exception to this for dealers and fleet accounts. These accounts are on a 30 day net max billing cycle. If other arrangements are requested this will need to be approved by management.
  3. Refunds: In cases where we need to refund money for products or services we will need to issue a check from Oldenkamp Detail. We do not refund or carry cash at our locations. If your credit card was overcharged we can issue a return to card used for the amount over-charged. If a refund case arrises this will be handled by management by calling 712.324.1125
  4. Special Orders: At Oldenkamp Detail we carry small inventory of prodcuts due to the large variety of different vehicles and prodcuts. The majority of products will need to be special ordered specific for your vehicle. We may require a deposit to make this order. The deposit amount will be determined by the popularity of the product and price. If the product is a customized item specific to your application we may require full payment of the prodcut price up front. We will have a restock fee based on the supplier restock fee the we are required to pay.
  5. Damages To Vehicles: We generally inspect everything in working condition before performing any work. If we find anything we will note this in case of a situation. We will always stand behind any damage we cause and will notify the custoemr immediately. We will use our resources to have any repairs made. In major cases where severe damage has been done under the deductible of our insurance and you insist on a speciific mechanic or body shop, we require bid prior to repairs. If a case of major damage over our insurance deductible we will turn it over to the insurance company to proceed from that point. If we have any doubts we may turn down the job or ask to have repairs made before we continue (mostly with electrical installations).
  6. U-Haul Policies: Oldenkamp Detail is a dealer for U-Haul® we are bound by their terms and policies and we cannot alter these in any way. The custoemrs we services in part with U-Haul® are also bound be these policies and can be found on their wesbite or by contacting U-Haul.
  7. Smart Start Policies: Oldenkamp Detail is a dealer for Smart Start® we are bound by their terms and policies and we cannot alter these in any way. The custoemrs we services in part with Smart Start® are also bound be these policies and can be found on their wesbite or by contacting Smart Start directly.
  8. Product Warranty: We offer warranty with the products we sell. These warranties are based on the manufacturer of the prodcut. All warranty claims will be processed through our supplier first by Oldenkamp Detail. In some cases you will be directed to obtain warranty refund or replacement directly from the manufacturer. We will help you in this process when we can. We are not responsible for warranty alterations of a product by the supplier or manufacturer. We will verify the warranty information only when requested by the customer during the purchase.
  9. Service Guarantee: Oldenkamp Detail offers a guarantee on all of our services. This includes installation of products. We see to it that we complete quality when your vehicle leaves the shop.
  10. Gift Certificates: Oldenkamp Detail sells gift certificates with two options. One option is a dollar amount value that is printed with the face value on the certificate. The second option allows customers to purchase certificates for a specific use such as complete detail, window tint, or any other service or product. We sell gift certificates at an average detail price and we will determine an average price and condition. This may result in additional charges to the gift certificate recipient or user of the certificate if they bring in an overly dirty vehicle or other problem arises. We will complete the services to the value paid on the certificate. We also do allow for substitution of cerificates if one service is purchased and the user wishes to have a different service. Gift certificates purchased directly from us will not have an expiration date and will be honored as they were purchased for the face value. They cannot be redeemed for cash and no change will be given when lesser charges then face value result. Any certificate that was donated by us or used in radio and fundraising auctions will have the gift certificate policies. However, these particular cerificates will have an expiration period between 3 to 12 months following the date presented.
  11. Insurance: We carry insurance to cover the damages and liability to personal injury and property while in our possession inside our buildings and/or driven by one of our employees. We do not cover property left on our premises outside, some intances which are not cover inlude but not limited to theft, damages from other customers, or damages from adverse weather conditions.
  12. Rights: We have to right to refuse service to any person or business if needed. We need to protect the best interests of our business and employees. If we feel we face an unsafe situation or non value added job to our business we will turn down the work.
  13. Privacy Policy: We will never share or sell any personal information that we obtain during before, during, or after your visit or contact with us. In cases where we are inside of personal or business vehicles we encounter cases of private information being exposed to us. We will keep these with the vehicle and never expose this information to anyone. We do not track any information on our websites. Our quote system does not ask for any personal information and is sent directly to us.
  14. Copyright: All information and pictures you find on this website and at any of our locations are under copyright of JVBO,LLC. DBA Oldenkamp Detail. We own this intellectual property and any usage of such items will need prior written approval from us. We do allow form of sharing our advertising via social media such as facebook. Smart Start® and U-Haul® have their own copyright and privacy conditions.
  15. Policies: Our policies are subject to change without previous notice. The last update was completed October 4, 2015.

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