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Remote Start

Be ready for winter and the freezing cold weather with a remote starter! When you need to go outside for work or school in the morning there is no better feeling knowing that your car is warm waiting for you. We have many options available when it come to remote starters. We have simple one button operation, to a fully digital one mile range 2-way unit that will let you know when your doors are locked and the car is running.

We are a universal intaller with a few branded options to choose from. We use starters that have a reputation of long lasting reliable usage. Everything comes with product and install warranties. We will always keep up with new innovative products and offerings. If you find something you would like that we currently do not have listed in the prices we will find the resource to gain your business.

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Vehicle Electronics

Electornics have become an important part of vehicles these days. Car audio and video entertainment are among the popular installs for many people. However, if you have other 12 volt items that you need to have installed we can help with that aswell. Some of these items include trailer light wiring, radar detectors, lighting, and more...

A vehicles electrical system is a very complex system. If a wire shorts out or pulls loose it can easily damage the wiring, blow fuses, or worse fry the cars computer. Even simple car stereo installs are a thing of the past with newer vehicles. They require special interfaces to complete the installs due to the integrated capabilities of the cars operation. So you will need to have an experienced person help with these installs.

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We will install products which you purchase from other sources, however we cannot warranty these products. You will need to obtain warranty information from that dealer or directly from the manufacturer. If you prefer to buy the product from us and install yourself or have us install then we can help with warranty if needed.

Remote Start

We guarantee what we sell. Our products come backed with a manufacturer warranty as well as our own installation warranty. We know you want quality products and installed correctly.

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