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Window Tint Laws

Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, Nebraska

Tint Laws

Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, Nebraska

You may need to have window tint removed to meet the requirements of the state window tinting laws. If you have receieved a fine or warning for window tint and wish to comply with the requirements we can help with this also. We can advise you on these requirements and if you are unsure you are more then welcome to stop in and have us take a look at it for you.

If you need a removal to comply with the laws Click Here

StateWindshieldFront SidesBack SidesRear WindowExemptions
IowaAbove AS1 or 6"More Then 70%Any % DarknessAny % DarknessAs of 7/4/2012 No Medical Exemptions
MinnesotaNONEMore Then 50%More Then 50%More Then 50%Medical Exemption allowed By State
South DakotaAbove AS1 or 6"More Then 35%More Then 20%More Then 20%None
NebraskaAbove AS1 or 5"More Then 35%More Then 20%More Then 20%None

Window Tint is rated by a percentage of VLT (Visible Light Transmitted) The higher the number (100%) would allow the most light through the glass and lower (0%) would be no light visible through the glass.

We carry 70% - 50% - 35% - 20% - 5% films. (Lightest to Darkest)

Keep in mind that some vehicle will have a factory tint installed. Most minivans and pickups will have 20% factory tint installed on the rear, and some other vehicle have 70%-85% front factory tint. This tint cannot be removed and must be considered when placing aftermarket tint overtop. With an 85% factory front tint we would not be able to tint this and stay within state laws for Iowa. 70% tint over 85% glass would yield a percentage that is to high to meet requirements.

For other states or detailed information visit www.tintlaws.com

Aside from tint laws, this is your decision. We are not bound be these laws meaning we will tint your windows as dark as you like within reason. We will tint what you like but will not be held responsible for any fines or injuries caused as a result of dark windows.

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