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Product Warranty

Product Warranty and Service Guarantee

All of the services from Oldenkamp Detail come with our personal guarantee. Everything from a detail job to products we install will be covered. If you are unhappy with a quality issue we will work with you to make things right. We want all of our customers to be satisfied. It is important to understand with a quality guarantee what is expected. With detailing there are situations when the condition is to poor to recondition properly and may not be satisfactory. We do everything in our power to complete the job as desired. We will try to point this out before or after the detail and make an effort to do what we can.

Window tint, electonics, accessories, rhino lining, and graphics will all come with an install quality guarantee aswell. The product and material used will be covered under its own warranty. We want to make sure you are satisfied. This is above and beyond what most shops will offer. If one of these items were to fail and it is deemed a cause of poor installation or inexperienced install. We will replace the product at our expense.

The product and material warranty is based on the manufacturers warranty offered at the time of the sale. For the majority of materials and products sold and installed by us we are able to offer warranty through our suppliers. Once a warranty realted issue has been brought to our attention we will contact our supplier and get back to you to schedule a time for replacement or repair. This will all depend on the availability of the item and verification of warranty. In some cases we cannot extend this warranty past which was offered. However, dealing directly with the manufacturer of the product or material may have better results. If the case arrises that you need to seek warranty you can contact us if needed but may be directed to follow the procesdures set by the manufacturer. Meaning you have to deal directly with them. they will replace the product and when you receive the item then you can return to us and have it re-installed and may require installation reimbursement by that company.

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