Oldenkamp Detail - Sheldon, Sioux Center, Orange City, Iowa

What We Service

Oldenkamp Detail - Northwest Iowa

What We Service at Oldenkamp Detail

We specialize in many areas of reconditioning and customizing.

Since 2006 we have been in business helping to maintain and customize everything with wheels under it as well as a lot of everything else. If you can dream it up we will help to make it a reality! Wether you want a nice shiny clean car that will last a long time, extend the life and usability of your bed with some Rhino Lining, or even some graphics to add some flash for your personal or business vehicle.

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  1. Automotive - Cars, Pickups, SUVs, and Vans

  2. Boats

  3. Campers

  4. Implements

  5. Big Rigs

  6. Motorcycle

  7. Classics

  8. Planes

  9. Trailers

  10. ATV

  11. Fleets

  12. Automotive and Implement Dealers

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